UoSThe Nanoscale Analytical Science Group

Studying the chemistry of molecular-scale interfaces

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Our Research

Our work centres on the structures, properties and reactivity of molecular surfaces (organic thin films and monolayers) on nanometre length scales. While it builds on our core expertise in physical chemistry (particularly, surface and interfacial chemistry) and analytical chemistry (surface analysis by scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy), our research is highly cross-disciplinary and intersects with biology, physics, materials science and engineering.

There are two principal foci: nanofabrication (the construction of molecular objects smaller than 100 nm) with a particular emphasis on nanoscale biological interfaces (the organisation of biomolecules, and the study of their structure and function, on molecular length scales); and nanotribology (the study of sliding contacts between nanometre scale molecular objects). These pages tell you more about our work.