UoSThe Nanoscale Analytical Science Group

Studying the chemistry of molecular-scale interfaces

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Group Members

Graham Leggett, Professor of Nanoscale Analytical Science

Anna Lishchuk, Research Associate

Martin Munz, Research Associate

Brice Darroch, fourth year PhD

Max Chambers, fourth year PhD

Charlie Smith, third year PhD

Sami Alalawi, second year PhD

Jabrah Alkorbi, first year PhD

Nasiru Usman, first year PhD

Group photo

2015 Nanoscale Analytical Science Group outside the Milestone in Kelham Island. L-R: Nan Cheng, Graham Leggett, Sijing Xia, Ali Johnson, Mar Cardellach, Max Chambers, Brice Darroch, Rob Ducker, Omed Al-Jaf, Jeppe Madsen, Oscar Siles Brugge and Charlie Smith. 25/9/15

Chatsworth2012 Nanoscale Analytical Science Group and a typical Sheffield dwelling place. L-R: Omed Qadir, Ali Johnson, Abdullah Al Souwaileh, Sijing Xia, Rob Ducker, Hang Xu, Graham Leggett, Nan Cheng and Anna Tsargorodska at Chatsworth, November 2012.


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